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iPhone KISI APP - Bluetooth Errors

If you are receiving bluetooth errors on your iPhone, follow these instructions: 


Kisi app says Bluetooth is Off when it’s On

If you are encountering a banner "Bluetooth is Off - Turn it on to allow unlocking by tapping the phone against Kisi reader", this might mean that the Kisi App does not have permission to use Bluetooth on your phone (not necessarily that Bluetooth on your phone is turned off).

To ensure that the Kisi has permission to use Bluetooth, follow this instructions in this help document or follow the steps below.

iOS devices

As a first step, please make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled. You can check this from the Control Center or by going to your iPhone Settings > Bluetooth.


You can then verify your Bluetooth permissions by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and following the steps below:

  On your iPhone, navigate to Settings
  Scroll down until you see the Kisi app and open it
  Ensure that Bluetooth is toggled On


We also recommend following the steps in the Introduction section to ensure each permission is granted (Notifications, Location, Bluetooth). Each button should say Permission Already Granted if done correctly. To find the Introduction section:

  1. Open the Kisi iOS app

  2. Navigate to the places dashboard

  3. At the top, click the cogwheel (on the top right corner)

  4. Click on Introduction

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