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Good morning! We have been so pleased to see the gym community growing, and we continue to be blown away by the dedication and comradery of our members! We would like to take this opportunity to make two announcements. First, we will continue to encourage the team dynamic with the SUMMIT FITNESS ADVENTURE GROUP! The Adventure Group will offer activities outside of the gym setting where you can come and participate as a part of the Summit team. We plan on doing everything from fun 5ks to white water rafting. The best part is, everyone is welcome. If you're a member and want to bring your family members, the more the merrier! The second part of this announcement is the introduction of a monthly SUMMIT MEMBER APPRECIATION post. Many of you have amazing stories and athletic accomplishments outside of the gym, and we'd like to recognize you for all the hard work you've put in. Participation is optional, of course. If you're asked to be in the feature, it will mean a photo and a social media post in your honor. Stay tuned for Adventure Group and Member Appreciation posts. We're looking for a Turkey Trot 5k event to kick us off. Please feel free to post events you think we should consider.


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